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Director / Producer Steve Mitchell is a Rondo Award-Winning director and screenwriter, whose feature film and television writing credits include the 80's horror/comedy cult classic CHOPPING MALL, the thriller AGAINST THE LAW, as well as episodes of the classic animated series TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE. He is also a producer/director of numerous acclaimed special features for home video DVD/Blu-Ray releases, such as COMBAT!, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, CASINO ROYALE and more.

Producer Matt Verboys and Executive Producer MV Gerhard are the principals of La-La Land Entertainment, a production company whose soundtrack label, La-La Land Records, has produced more than 400 film and television soundtrack releases to such varied properties as STAR TREK, THE X-FILES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION, among hundreds of other titles. Producer Dan McKeon has produced live events for superstar Jackie Chan and has developed several reality television concepts, including DIAMOND HUNTER.

Executive Producer Frederick King Keller is a renowned film and television director, producer and writer, who has directed hundreds of prime time network series episodes, including BLUE BLOODS, JUSTIFIED, 24 and HOUSE. Co-Producer Cliff Stephenson is the principal of Off The Cliff Productions, one of the industry's leading producers of motion picture and television EPKs and DVD/Blu-ray Special Features for such titles as The Hunger Games, The Expendables Series, the NBC hit Hannibal, and many more.

Composer Joe Kraemer is one of film and television's most accomplished and inventive composers, having scored such notable films as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION, JACK REACHER, THE WAY OF THE GUN and many others. Editor Kai Thomasian is an editor and cinematographer whose credits include the documentary A REAL JOB, as well as special features on various blu-rays and DVDs, including CHOPPING MALL. Cinematographer David C.P. Chan is a cinematographer and renowned visual effects artist whose SFX credits include STAR TREK: BEYOND, FAST & FURIOUS 6 and SONS OF ANARCHY.

Director / Producer: Steve Mitchell
Producers: Matt Verboys, Dan McKeon Co-Producer Clff Stephenson
Executive Producers: John Dadlez, Cardon Ellis, MV Gerhard, Paul Craig James, Frederick King Keller, Anthony Miles
Associate Producers: James Frederick Davis, David C. Fein, Sean Hughes, Catrine McGregor, Olga Alexandra McQueen, Mary Skrenes, Taylor L. White, Karl Zundel

KING COHEN one sheet art by Paul Shipper and promotional trailer edited by Zach Tow